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Lions Club Boxing Day Dip, Seaburn, Sunderland

Please feel free to use this pictures, to help get that bit extra out of your sponsors or just a memento of the overcast-chili-day.
All I ask is you give credit to or Ken Routledge as they still remain under copyright

Follow the links to see the hundreds of people who plunge into the icy cold North Sea in fancy dress in the traditional Boxing Day Dip at Seaburn, or maybe next year simply go along and watch the spectacle.  
OR take the plunge and help some charity on the way
The event is organized by the Sunderland Lions Club and last year raised over £50,000 for charity.

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I only go in the water because I am only "five foot three"

and cant see past the crowds to take my photos.

It is always on of the dullest wettest days of the year,

not the best for photography,

but I hope I caught the great atmosphere.

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