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If only I'd known which path to take,
If only I hadn't made that stupid mistake,
If only I'd taken that good advice,
I may have stumbled once. but never twice
If only I'd listened when opportunity knocked,
How many doors to the future I may have unlocked.
If only I'd appreciated that sunny day,
Instead of complaining when skies were grey.
It only I hadn't lost my head,
And said so many things I shouldn't have said.
If only our loved ones didn't grow old,
Like roses left out too long in the cold.
If only I'd said, "Dad, I've loved you so strong”
But I didn't know how soon you'd be gone.
If only I’d thought more of others and Less of me,
What a happier place my world would be.
If only I could start all over once more,
But I'd probably do the same as before,
And so through life saying plaintively,
If only, if only, if only

by Marjorie Edgar

Race for Life
Herrington Country Park

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